Welcome to Healing

We’ve been waiting for you. Are you ready to make some changes? We would love to have the opportunity to walk along with you for awhile, and assist you in reaching your goals.

It’s not easy to ask for help. On the other hand, recognizing that you need help and acting on that need is truly a sign of strength, maturity, and good judgment. With inner strength, hope, and the support of friends and family, we are often able to work through problems and reach our goals without additional assistance. However, asking for help and sharing such challenges with a caring, well-trained professional can help us to process our experiences in healthy, adaptive ways.

Therapy can provide much more than assistance with problem solving, goal setting, and symptom relief. Counseling often leads to personal growth and the development of life skills and positive coping strategies, which will help to make future challenges somewhat less overwhelming. Psychiatric medication can significantly reduce emotional discomfort and often makes therapy more effective, while psychological testing can help focus therapeutic interventions by clarifying diagnoses and unraveling complex issues with objective data that complements a therapist's subjective observations. Benefitting from a collaborative approach, we work with you to tailor the simplest and most effective treatment for your unique situation.

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