About our Dogs..

At Lifescapes we have 3 therapy animals to welcome you to our practice: Mabel, Roo, and Gunter



If you are coming in for an appointment and are afraid of dogs, please call ahead or email us and we will keep dogs within therapy offices during your visit so you are not in contact with them. Alternatively, if you or your child are dealing with dog phobia and wish to address it therapeutically, our dogs are willing and able to help along with a careful plan created by your counselor.

If you have a dog allergy, we will happily ensure that you see a therapist that does not generally have a dog in their offices . As I'm sure you understand, there is no way to guarantee that our dogs have never been in any particular office, or that fur or dander has not fluttered into any particular space, but our dogs do tend to stick to particular offices so we are happy to try our best to prevent any allergy flare ups. However, if you have severe dog allergies, we may not be the best practice for you. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Click HERE for more information about our animal helpers.